my heart in one thousand black ribbons eternally yours 6 pills a day

my love for you grows all the time. even in the dark, in the absence of the sun

i gave myself 3 years to figure things out. i have 1.5 left and if i dont figure it out by then i will [redacted]. i swear to god

burn all your belongings. you wont need them where we are going (hell).

i told you i would never leave you. im here but you never notice. death cant stop me. i waiting outside your door. you probably shouldnt let me in. the dead have no place in life. i wish i knew that before i became a ghost. im so lonely. you keep ignoring me, just like when i was alive. im a big idiot

when i go to museums i touch all the art and then i touch myself
hahahaha just kidding i dont touch myself i want to get as far away from myself as i can

i do touch all the art though

when you hate you turn yourself into a gun and shoot yourself in the foot

i dont like you but i like all the things you like because i want to be you i am polishing my hate i am turning myself into a kinfe i am listening to a bad song and i cant stop all the water i drink is sour

i keep thinking im going crazy but all my doctors say im fine